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The Good Fight S05E10 FINAL FRENCH HDTV ((NEW))

I hated how the French troops fought with the vikings, and that Rollo decided (off screen) to send his vassals to fight for nephews he barely knows against his own family. That he shows up briefly at the end with yet more troops does nothing to soften how much I hate this. I did like how that final shot of Rollo played out, with the ominous music and Rollo looking both frightening and regal.



Dan Lawson did incredible work designing the costumes on this show, and we got a killer last outfit for Diane in this episode. What did you want to say with Diane's final look? Michelle: We love the idea of her looking as magnificent and youthful and powerful as she ever has, right up to the end. Robert: Metaphorically, it's her turning over a new leaf. When she takes off the clothes [she was wearing] because of the tear gas and puts on these, it's her taking on a new character, and Charmaine's character is very different from hers. Much more willing to take chances, more youthful, even more dangerous. That felt like what we wanted to have Diane be in this last episode. Having two men chase her up the stairwell to fight for her. 041b061a72


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