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WPS Office 2019 Multilingual

Am using "WPS Office 2019 paf portable", current latest version, right now - runs quite well.. Used it this morning then quit out. Went onto internet, noticed that something was happening in the background for a few minutes while I was browsing as upload/download lights were constantly working. After finishing browsing, I quit off internet, turned off link and a while later went back into WPS Office.. Interface had slightly changed - new options on opening screen, never seen them before, WPS still worked fine though. Quit out again and killed process in Task Manager. A while later back on internet and I downloaded a *.pdf file and a popup immediately asked if I wanted to open "the new downloaded file". Closed it immediately and scratched head. Downloaded the file again - same thing, only this time I noticed it was WPS Office doing it, so closed it. Double clicked on the pdf to view it. WPS opened it by default instead of the usual Ad*be Acrobat. Changed default file opener back to Acrobat. Looked for any new file and/or folders on C-Drive and found 3 Kingsoft folders, all of which were created this morning, one was about 700mb in size which should not be there while running a self-contained portable app.. Checked there contents and found some cloud server apps,, download storage folders,, new settings folders, some cache folders etc, and a complete unpacked download of WPS Office, roughly the same size in bytes as in this current portable paf version I am running now. I guess it is waiting for me to update it.. This latest version is now on WPS site right now but I haven't seen it on any sites yet.. I copied all the files and folders that had been created and/or downloaded, to another drive and deleted the originals from C-Drive then used CCleaner to check the registry. Sure enough, all the orphaned keys that showed up were for Kingsoft WPS Office and were not there 24 hrs ago, so I am about to let CCleaner back them all up and clean them all out of registry..

WPS Office 2019 Multilingual


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