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NFL Live Streams 2022 -2023Click To View All Ga...

Each year, the NFL continues in its expansion of streaming offerings and this season is no different. This season, the NFL has introduced its own exclusive streaming service, NFL+, which gives fans multiple viewing options for most regular season games. In addition to NFL+, the major live TV streaming services in the United States remain as an option to watch most major networks that broadcast NFL games.

NFL Live Streams 2022 -2023Click to view all ga...

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Below are the other ways that viewers can stream "Sunday Night Football" in 2022. With NFL+, the league's new exclusive streaming service, fans can stream primetime games on their mobile phone or tablet.

In Canada, DAZN comes with access to NFL Redzone and NFL Game Pass. That means viewers will be able to stream seven hours of commercial-free football live on Sundays and also will be able to watch replays live on demand with Game Pass.

For the second consecutive preseason, there are 49 games set to be played, as the process was shortened from four weeks to three ahead of the 2021 season. Here's a look at how you can watch and live stream all 49 of those contests as you prepare for the 2022 NFL regular season.

The live game broadcast featuring play-by-play announcer Jesús Zárate and Carlos Yustis will be streamed at no cost to fans exclusively on To view all of the team's Spanish content, please click here.

In international markets such as Mexico, Brazil, and most EU countries, NFL Game Pass International offers live streaming of all 256 regular-season games, plus the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, without any blackouts. On the other hand, the NFL+ app in the U.S. offers NFL game live streams for only a single team (within your home market), along with national primetime games. It is also only available for live streams on mobile and tablet devices.

New in 2022, the NFL+ app offers NFL game live streams for a single team (within your home market) along with national primetime games. However NFL+ is only available for live streams on mobile and tablet devices, and does not stream as reliably as Game Pass. It provides streams of out-of-market preseason games, live game audio (for all games, with all feeds), and the NFL Films archive, but if you want to stream NFL games on your TV without blackouts, Game Pass International is the way to go.

EU viewers who subscribe to NFL Game Pass from most locations other than the UK or Ireland should have access to all games live, although limited blackouts may apply if such users try to watch from the UK or Ireland.

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