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Have fruits trees that often go unharvested during its season? We give communities and organizations like Food Banks fruits that often get decomposed on the ground!


Have unwanted items that could go to good use to others such as old toys or unused stationaries? We collect them to give it to those in need!


In need of food? Contact us and we will deliver what others have donated and given!

Resource Streaming: What We Do



Have existing connections? Know your way through various outreach platforms?

One of the key part of CommunityStream is being able to reach those who are in need and those who can give. If you have experience in using various online and offline platforms to reach out, or if you just have the heart to want to be able to do so, please consider joining our outreach team!


Do you have fruit trees that often have fruits left unharvested? Do you have extra toys, items, canned food that are no longer needed?

Our service is only possible thanks to neighbors in our communities with the heart to give. Please contact us if you have anything that you wish to give and we will make sure it goes to someone who will benefit from your donation!


Like to explore your neigborhood and do good at the same time? Like the outdoors and getting your hands a bit dirty?

We can always use those who are willing to help deliver from neighbor to neighbor. Or, if you love the sun and would like to also help our neighbors harvest their fruit trees and donate the fruits harvested - this is something you should consider helping out with!

Resource Streaming: Get Involved
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