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Power up your Business Content with a Custom Chatbot

Happyml is a custom chatbot built for businesses. It's an easy, no-code setup that quickly ingests your business content from multiple sources. Say goodbye to coding and IT support with a powerful AI-powered chatbot. Using industry-leading algorithms, Happyml powers responses based on your business data and content. Best of all, you can embed our custom chatbot on your website, web application, messenger, email, WhatsApp, and even into your workflows as APIs.

Our custom AI chatbot can unlock a wide range of potential for your business by fulfilling HR, IT, and customer support roles. 


Build a Free Custom Chatbot for your Business

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Buy the Highest Rated Products from Globally Acclaimed Brands at Online CBD Smoke Shop

Head shops are dime a dozen across the US, and even more so online. But rarely do you find a store that only stocks the latest products from reputed brands. These trendsetters are the leading offerings in the CBD industry globally - so you can rest assured of getting your hands on the very best vapes, edibles, gummies, etc. 

Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke is the leading CBD smoke shop in Atlanta. While we serve across four locations proudly in Atlanta, our online store can be accessed by a global audience. 

At our store, you can find the highest quality smoking and CBD accessories at affordable prices and lucrative cash-back rewards. 

Our passionate team of CBD enthusiasts exclusively purchases the best products derived from potent strains to fulfill your CBD needs. Whether you're a CBD connoisseur or…

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