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Obtaining legal representation in court is a major decision that will impact the outcome of your case. In this regard, the client-attorney relationship is vital. Every client expects professional, honest, expert, and dedicated services from their lawyers. But sometimes, this dynamic is affected due to several reasons, like poor communication, attorney incompetence, unprofessionalism, or lack of honesty. During this time, the client is within his/her right to fire their legal representative.

But when is it too late to fire your attorney?

What to Consider When Firing Your Attorney?

Firing your attorney requires careful deliberation. Various factors come into play like the case's status, the client-attorney agreement, and whether you think your lawyer can achieve your goals or not.

As a general rule, firing an attorney when they have made significant progress in your case may not be wise. For instance, if they have successfully negotiated an agreement with your ex-spouse, firing them may offset the whole process and you may have to start from scratch. Additionally, in this case, your attorney will have a claim for their full legal fee.

Thus, carefully examine your agreement with your attorney and understand their fee model.

If you are thinking of changing your legal representation, consult with Jos Family Law.

We will let you know the limitations and risks of doing so and help you make an informed decision for your case.

Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to to schedule a free consultation.


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