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Lucas Long
Lucas Long

PATCHED Olympian EST Electronic Service Tool 2011B V1-0-E1 Build 1360 UPDATED

We receive a lot of feedback and a lot of complaints and I think its important for us to have the ability to acknowledge those problems and to have the ability to fix them. Weve built a tool on that foundation that allows us to deploy fixes immediately. Our products are a high-volume, low-value fixed asset. Were building infrastructure to make sure its there for customers.

PATCHED Olympian EST Electronic Service Tool 2011B V1-0-E1 Build 1360


We have new products this year to help you get the most out of your car. We made sure that the tools you need are easy to install and use, and some of them are even built in. The service tool you use today will become part of your car in a few years.

Weve been working on IoT for over four years, but were actually building it up for the past three months. Weve been pouring our creative thinking into developing the software architecture and focusing on the business requirements for the IoT service for many months. We launched the platform today to our internal teams to work on improving and driving our E&O, testing, and other operational needs. This is a big step, but an exciting one as we look for new ways to help our partners and clients with their IoT initiatives.

The testing community is really important for us. We work with them to ensure that theyre happy with our products, and we continue to add features that make our tools better. This is a really critical relationship that we hope to build on.

We need to have a portfolio of digital services that are capable of not only supporting our core business, but also improving and accelerating the digital enablement that we already have. Digital products are a major way for us to continue to innovate, and they help us stay competitive. Our plan is to integrate these new tools into our business strategies, and continue to add the capability of artificial intelligence that supports our applications.


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