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Lucas Long
Lucas Long

Unified Theory Cinematic.rar !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Although retrofuturism, due to the varying time-periods and futuristic visions to which it alludes, does not provide a unified thematic purpose or experience, a common thread is dissatisfaction or discomfort with the present, to which retrofuturism provides a nostalgic contrast.

Unified Theory Cinematic.rar

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Sorry for the late reply as I don't frequent dPreview so often. So the problem with round images being projected is that the world is now used to images being rectangular. In theory the way we make cameras today is quite inefficient, most camera lens are designed for rectangular sensors (with the exception of fish eye lens which project a circular image).Simply putting a larger sensor in a camera with a lens designed for a smaller sensor often means just wasted sensor as light may not reach that far or the light that does reach that far is quite blurry as the lens has been designed to be sharp in a specific area. There are work arounds however like adjusting the distances where the camera lens and sensor, but this is lens dependent and may result in a less sharp image.


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